Company  Products
 AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES   Columns, LC & GC Supplies, Repair Parts 
 APPLIED SEPARATIONS   Solid Phase Extraction Cartridges & Equipment 
 ASI-ANALYTICAL SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS   HPLC Seals and Check Valves, Post Column Reactors 
 BARNSTEAD/THERMOLYNE   General Laboratory Equipment 
 CHROMPACK   Capillary GC Columns and Accessories 
 ELDEX   HPLC Pumps, Column Ovens, Fraction Collectors 
 ES INDUSTRIES   HPLC Columns and Fittings 
 FMI - FLUID METERING, INC   Low-Medium Pressure Metering Pumps 
 HAMILTON   Syringes and Polymer Columns 
 J&W SCIENTIFIC   Capillary GC Columns and Accessories 
 JORDI   GPC & SEC Columns 
 LAB ALLIANCE   HPLC Instruments 
 MERLIN INSTRUMENTS   Septumless Injectors 
 MICROLITER ANALYTICAL SUPPLIES   LEAP headspace supplies, autosampler vials and accessories 
 NATIONAL SCIENTIFIC   Autosampler Vials and Accessories 
 POLYMICRO   Fused Silica Capillary Tubing & Fittings 
 QUADREX   Capillary GC Columns and Accessories 
 RESTEK   Capillary GC Columns and Accessories 
 RHEODYNE   Injection & Switching Valves 
 SGE   Syringes, Fittings, Capillary GC Columns 
 SHODEX   HPLC Columns, RI Detectors, Degassers 
 SOFTA   Evaporative Light Scattering Detector 
 SONNTEK-KNAUER   HPLC Instruments, Replacement UV Lamps 
 SPARK HOLLAND   HPLC Autosamplers 
 SUN-SRI   Syringe Filters 
 THERMO HYPERSIL KEYSTONE   LC Columns and Accessories 
 UPCHURCH SCIENTIFIC   HPLC Fittings & Accessories 
 VALCO INSTRUMENTS   Injection & Switching Valves 
 ZORBAX   HPLC Columns 



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